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Champagne Books publishes novel length fiction primarily in electronic formats. While paperbacks are available on selected titles, we do not widely distribute them.


Previously published manuscripts will be considered on a case by case basis. Author must have letter from former publisher stating that rights have reverted to them at the time of submission. We do not accept self-published work.

Please visit our imprints to see what is currently on our 'needs' list. 

Champagne Books

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Only submit finished works please.  We don't want to wait for you to complete your novel if we're excited about your initial submission.  Word counts are to be approximately 25,000 words for novellas, 70-80,000 words for full length novels. Be sure to proof read your manuscript thoroughly. Your manuscript should be double spaced, New Times Roman 12 point, with one inch borders.  No footers or headers, but please include contact information on the top line of each attachment, so that we are able to contact you should your submission get separated from your query letter.

We no longer take simultaneous submissions, so please do not submit your manuscript to us if you have sent it elsewhere. 

Your submission package must include the following:

1) A professional query letter which includes the title of your novel, word count, genre, a brief biography and your contact information. Include this in the body of your email.

2) A synopsis of your book that describes the story from beginning to end.  Please keep it to 2-3 pages in length.  Attach it to your email in RTF format. Please give your synopsis an appropriate title, not simply 'synopsis'. ie: Synopsis-The Winner.

3) First three chapters, saved in RTF format and attached to your email. Please name your partial manuscript appropriately, ie: Partial-The Winner.

4) A promotional plan, showing short term and long term goals. While your submission won't be won or lost on the basis of this 'plan', it will get you thinking about what you can do to help promote your novel. Saved in RTF format and attached to your email. 


Email your submissions to:

AGENTS: Please email our Senior Editor, Cassie Knight, with your questions and queries.


NOTE: We do not accept snail mail submissions at this time.

Submissions not adhering to the guidelines will be deleted unread.


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